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Hi Lori! I just read them both, they are such beautiful books, slid down a rainbow and a

goldfish in a giants fishbowl, made me smile so

much! I love it!

Fungie, well, what a special place he has in Irish hearts! I saw him years ago when my daughter

was 5, it was so special.

That’s a beautiful book in his honour.

The illustrations are stunning!

Fungie jumping near a rainbow

The books are so lovely and touching, and

they deserve to be read and Fungie needs to

be remembered so beautifully.

The children I look after really loved your books, they sat totally

engrossed, and that was without the physical book or even pictures to look at!

(She just had the story! The illustrations weren't ready yet! Wow!)

Noreen, an Instagram Finn Follower

Fungoe swimming away from Dingle Bay
Fungie In Dingle Harbor with Kids

Hello Lori! I can confirm that if I were a child and spotted these beautifully

written & illustrated books sitting on display

in my local bookshop,

I would beg, steal or borrow the

money to buy them.

They would also be in my Santa’s letter each year until I received them, and not just

because I know Finn personally (the star of the book) and have visited

Fungie in Dingle on many many occasions, but because the story is captivating to a young child, their

minds and the way they think... with

all their curious questions.

The illustrations both transport them into their dreams and vivid imaginations whilst also

creating an environmental awareness

regarding animal welfare, pollution, waste disposal and taking ownership from an

early age of how we can

protect our planet and all Gods

creatures who live there.

I could easily visualize reading these stories to my grandchildren last night,

and them giggling excitedly at Finn frolicking in mid air, whilst

remembering actually seeing him in reality from the beach in Greenore.

Congratulations... beautiful books with a local resonance that will last

long after Finn decides to move on and travel around the world like Fungie.

Connie, an Instagram Finn Follower

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