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We are proud to announce our partnership with

Marine Connection!

A portion of all proceeds goes to aide in the fight against captivity.

"Our vision is to see a world where the life of every dolphin, porpoise and whale matters.

Our mission is to continue building public awareness and inspire the global community to help create a better, safer world for all cetaceans."

"Conservation and caring begin with education and we encourage our supporters, followers, and the general public to get actively involved in our campaigns to help keep dolphins and whales living safe, wild and free."

Marine Connection

See their reviews of our books below!

I’m so honored this group sees the environmental and educational value in

my little children’s books about Finn, the solitary dolphin in Carlingford Lough, and the decades long, fabulously loved, resident of Dingle.... Fungie. Lori

Their Review of

Down by the Dock

Education on the marine environment for younger children is now more

important than ever, particularly regarding marine life which they may

encounter along our shores, such as solitary/social dolphins.

This lovely book about 'Finn' the dolphin is not only a heart-warming

story but will encourage children to think about other important

issues; such as where these animals come from, plastic and

other man-made pollution and the impacts of this on our seas and oceans.

The part of the story relating to Finn escaping after being held as a pet by

the giant and returning to the waters of Carlingford Lough, highlights why

these animals do not belong in captivity.

This book will help encourage future generations to dispose of rubbish carefully, reduce consumption of disposable items and in general respect and protect our planet and the oceans that dolphins like Finn call home.

Their Review of

Finn's Friend Fungie

There are few dolphins that inspire such fond memories from those who

encountered him than Fungie, the dolphin of Dingle Bay.

This lovely story told from Finn's point of view is very touching.

No-one knows exactly where Fungie came from and what the true

story of what made him choose to remain in Dingle Bay is, what

became of Fungie or where he may be, but the idea that he spoke

with Finn and told him he was off to look for new

adventures and maybe even visit friends or family made me smile.

Fungie's story will encourage children to be brave,

look for opportunities and explore new horizons but also the value of home,

family and friendship - something we should all value.

Silver Girl Sails Publishing, Ltd

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