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Photo by Damian Smith

And now it's my turn!

Hello! My name is Finn!

That's me on the top of this page. I found myself living in the waters of Carlingford Lough, Ireland, right after the pandemic started in 2020. No one was really sure how I wound up there, but storyteller named Lori Henninger Smith pretty well explains it, with a bit of traditional Irish folklore thrown in.

(That means there may or may not be a

Giant in this book!)

There is also an important environmental lesson to be learned and encourages kids to do the right thing. If you'd like to read about how she imagined I came to

be living around Greenore, near the ferry boat,

check out the book she wrote about me

called "Down by the Dock."

Finn photo by

Damian Smith

Finn photo by

Damian Smith

Finn photo by

Lori Henninger Smith

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