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Are you missing Fungie like we are?

Are you left saddened by his loss?

Do you wonder where he went?

Where did Finn come from?

Introducing New Books about Finn and Fungie that answer those questions!

Down by the Dock   Finn's Friend Fungie

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Are you one of the millions of people across Ireland (and the world) who grew up loving Fungie, the dolphin in Dingle Bay?

Have you been hoping for a fun way to remember him that really speaks to your heart?

A year in the making, and with many Finn and Fungie fans anxiously waiting, these new books about Finn of Carlingford Lough

and Fungie of Dingle Bay, are NOW AVAILABLE and offer

fanciful tales of where Finn may have come from

and where Fungie may have gone and why.


Breaking News! "Ireland’s beloved missing dolphin, Fungie, spotted outside Sydney Opera House?"

That’s the creative idea storyteller Lori Henninger Smith suggests in her new book, 'Finn’s Friend Fungie'. His disappearance affected people everywhere and was all over social media and news agencies around the world! His loss left a void and Lori Henniger Smith wanted to give Fungie a happy ending to his story and hopes her book about Ireland's most beloved dolphin will leave everyone with a smile when remembering him.

Check out these headlines from around the world.

"Coming up after the break we ask Fungie when the fun died, and he reveals all about his new mates, who beleive it or not, aren't boats.

A year after he left for good, Dingle bids farewell to Fungie

Fungie, Ireland’s Missing Dolphin, ‘Goes With the Tide’

Fungie: The missing dolphin who became an Irish star

Boats search for ‘tired’ dolphin Fungie ‘missing’ almost a week

Ok, so what are we doing here?

We're here to help you have fun and learn more about things that are important to you and inspire you just as Finn inspires us everyday and how Fungie inspired the world and was inspired in his book....he learned:

" You can learn so much by expanding your universe...

You just have to be brave

enough to want it first."

(( ps...This quote is a little auto-biographical

for Lori.....))

We wanted our books to be...

"More Than Just Books"!

So how did we make that happen?

What makes our books special, you ask?

The first thing you'll notice after how beautiful these books are, is that they have their very own website dedicated to

all fun things about Finn and Fungie, books and more!

Finn and Fungie wanted to find a way to entertain, educate and

inspire you all in one place and they promise to make it so much fun!

They have been working hard to develop fun stuff to learn

and do here and they made it all for you! Plus they will review other books for you and tell you about ones they think you may enjoy!

Just check out the Fun Stuff Tab!

From watching videos of the real Finn swimming in Carlingford Lough to

a bunch of cool videos of Fungie jumping over boats and so much more!

You'll find coloring sheets, and worksheets to learn about dolphins, castles and geography and all kinds of important things!

We will always be adding to this site to make it fun,

engaging, entertaining and inspiring for you!

Audio codes!

In addition to enjoying reading the books

yourself, they will also read themselves to you!

Just scan the code at the beginning of the book and you will hear the amazing, animated voice of Orla Travers, of the Irish Folk Band Sillk,

as she narrates the books just for you!

QR Codes

Also included in the books are QR codes throughout so when you scan them, they will provide even more information about something in the book.

Such as these examples!

Plus all of our gorgeous illustrations are done by the award winning, amazing Italian artist, Alice Pescarin! She created these beautiful designs to be true to

life as a lot of them are based on Lori's personal photographs she

took of the real Carlingford area while she lived there. She wasn't able to make it to Fungie's hometown because of the pandemic, but Alice had it covered and created beautiful images of Dingle, as well!

(Yes, she saw a mermaid! Well. No, not really.. but wouldn't that be fun!) So, if you live in those areas, you will be able to recognize some locations......

And if you don't, maybe you'll be

inspired to expand YOUR universe

and visit the beautiful

isle of Ireland sometime!

Dingle Harbour Lighthouse

Slea Head

Dingle Peninsula

Haulbowline Lighthouse Carlingford

And the best part of all about our books.....

is with every purchase, you are helping save

Finn and Fungies' friends from captivity.


Our Partner - Marine Connection

A percentage of all sales will be donated to UK charity Marine Connection to support their work to help whales and dolphins remain safe and free in the wild like Finn and Fungie, and support the establishment of seaside sanctuaries, where dolphins and whales who have been held in captivity can be retired to live out the remainder of their natural lives in more natural conditions, in the sea – where they should be.

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